【1080P】【剧情】房间 2015

本片讲述了布里·拉尔森饰演的女孩Joy被邻居所骗,之后被囚禁在一个狭小的房间里长达七年之久。在此期间她遭到强奸 ,并生下了儿子杰克(Jack)。和所有妈妈一样,Joy也竭尽全力为孩子创造一个安全和开心的成长氛围,虽然他们被困在一个不到10平米的房间里,但通过幻想玛为儿子创造了一个神奇的世界。不过随着一天天长大,杰克的好奇心使他不再满足于这个世界,于是Joy精心策划、带着杰克逃出了那个囚禁他们的房间。然而,逃出来后这对脱离社会太长时间的母子才发现,现实世界才是最让他们害怕的


[美国]俗世乐土/丑陋的美国人.第一季 720P

该剧讲述热心肠的社会工作者Mark Lilly帮助刚刚来到纽约的「市民」融入美国社会。你也注意到了这个有趣的标题和打了引号的「市民」-毫无疑问,这是一部借动画言现实的政讽作品。而所谓的「市民」……Well,并不都是人类,也有「其他人」-地狱恶魔、吸血鬼、僵尸、狼人、多头怪……让Mark心烦的不止是工作,还有他的僵尸室友和恶魔女友。他真想好好睡一觉,可是当美得令人神魂颠倒的美人鱼坐在酒吧里向你招手时,谁还睡得着?

Microsoft and Xamarin, Google and Swift

Xamarin A few months ago I was looking at mobile app development again and so had a look at Xamarin, a cross-platform app toolset built around .NET. It seemed interesting, but it was hugely expensive. Something like $600 per year per license. When Android Studio is free and XCode is either free or $99, it … Continue reading Microsoft and Xamarin, Google and Swift


Design Patterns in Swift

Implementing design patterns is a great way to learn a new language. In my attempt to get a better understanding of Swift (and design patterns for that matter) I’ve decided to solve some of the real world challenges we face at YourMechanic using some of the more common design patterns.  These tutorials assume some working … Continue reading Design Patterns in Swift


Top 10 iOS Swift libraries every iOS developer should know about

Information Source Blog produced by Infinum Inc. Overview Swift is gaining popularity each day. If you’re starting a new project, chances are that you’ll decide to write it in Swift. To make the transition easier for you and save you the time you would spend writing certain components for your app, here are 10 libraries … Continue reading Top 10 iOS Swift libraries every iOS developer should know about