Simplify Auto Layout with MarkupKit

MarkupKit is a framework for creating native iOS applications using a human-readable markup language, similar to how applications are built for Android and .NET. It allows developers to construct user interfaces declaratively, rather than visually using Interface Builder or programmatically in code. In a previous article, I introduced the MarkupKit framework by demonstrating how to […]


Microsoft and Xamarin, Google and Swift

Xamarin A few months ago I was looking at mobile app development again and so had a look at Xamarin, a cross-platform app toolset built around .NET. It seemed interesting, but it was hugely expensive. Something like $600 per year per license. When Android Studio is free and XCode is either free or $99, it … Continue reading Microsoft and Xamarin, Google and Swift

Design Patterns in Swift

Implementing design patterns is a great way to learn a new language. In my attempt to get a better understanding of Swift (and design patterns for that matter) I’ve decided to solve some of the real world challenges we face at YourMechanic using some of the more common design patterns.  These tutorials assume some working … Continue reading Design Patterns in Swift